Foran Equine & Irish European Breeders’ Fund have joined forces to sponsor Auction Series with total prize-fund of €573,000. The 3 year deal will significantly boost prize-money, with 20 qualifiers all worth a minimum of €20,000 and establish the series as a target for purchasers of yearlings and 2yos at public auction.

Now in its third year the Irish EBF Auction Series for 2yos will comprise of 21 races across 15 racecourses with a total prize-fund of €573,000, including the final to be held at Naas Racecourse in October, worth €120,000, up from €100,000 in 2016.Each of the 20 qualifying races will have a minimum prize-fund of €20,000 as well as the added benefit of being Plus 10 registered, whereby qualified winners will be eligible for a bonus of €12,500 under the Plus 10 Scheme. The first race will take place at Cork racecourse on Saturday 6th May.The Foran Equine Irish EBF Auction Series is designed to create wide-scale opportunities for horses purchased as a yearling or a 2yo at public auction for €72,000 or less, with allowances for fillies and horses purchased at a lower auction price. The final is open to horses which have run in one of the qualifying races and which are EBF eligible


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Plus 10 is an industry funded bonus scheme for British and Irish Flat thoroughbred owners and breeder which pays a €12,500 bonus to qualified 2yo and 3yo winners of Plus 10 races. In Ireland there are 100 bonuses available on all non-black type 2yo races rolled over until all 100 bonuses are won. In total each year almost €7,000,000 in bonus prize money is made available across more than 600 races in Britain and Ireland.

Registration – To be eligible for the full bonus, horses must be paid into the scheme at three stages:

• Foal Registration – due by 31 August in foal year (cost €187.50)

• Yearling Registration – due by 30 June in the yearling year (cost €250)

• Owner Registration – due by 28 February in the 2YO year (cost €437.50)

Breakdown – The bonus of €12,500 is shared as follows:

• Foal Registrant: 10%

• Yearling Registrant: 10%

• Registered owner at time of race win: 75%

• Trainer, jockey and stable staff: 5%

Since March 2015 the Plus 10 Bonus scheme has paid out over €10,000,000 in bonus prize money to over 800 British and Irish owners and breeders. Details on eligible horses and registration can be found at www.plus10bonus.com


The scheme was launched in 1983 by Britain, France and Ireland as a self-help measure to support the racing industry, mainly 2yo maiden races. Since then it has expanded to include Germany, Italy and Switzerland and now supports a strong performance of racing at all levels throughout Europe. Since its launch the EBF has contributed over €100 million to the European racing industry. The Irish EBF alone has contributed over €40 million of this money to Irish racing prize-money.

When a stallion is registered to the EBF all progeny resulting from that year’s coverings are automatically EBF qualified for life. Once a horse is EBF qualified it is eligible to run in any EBF confined race throughout Europe. You can check the EBF status of any stallion by going to www.ebfstallions.com

Benefits of the scheme

• The EBF puts on average €5 million back into racing throughout Europe in additional prize money in the form of sponsorship each year.

• There is a full race programme for fillies in both listed races and handicaps in Britain, Ireland and France.

• Over 80% of 2yo races in each member country are confined to EBF-eligible horses only.

• As well as the 2yo maiden races that are supported, selected conditions races, novices and handicaps also receive significant added prize money from the EBF.

• There is significant support for jump racing, again including a fillies and mares programme.

• The EBF also supports selected veterinary research programmes, benefiting the racing and breeding industry.

• In 2014 the EBF became a partner in the Destination Europe initiative aimed at encouraging overseas participation and investment in European racing.